project life // week 9

our new life with little miss mila is going insanely well and i'm happy to say that i've pretty much kept up with project life during these first three and half weeks of her life. sharing here on the blog though? yeah, way behind.

this one is a ways back: week 9 from the end of february and the very last PL spread before i gave birth.

week 9 // my final week of work before maternity leave! i am so proud of the work ethic i displayed up until my very last day, but in this last week i felt myself ready to go, hence the big smile on my face on that self portrait, snapped in the elevator on my way into work on one of my final days. (just to put timing into perspective for you, i thought i had two weeks to enjoy and spend preparing for mila's due date, but i actual went into labor my first weekend off. mila was born two days into week 10!) trying to make the most of our remaining free time - and a gorgeously sunny day - we spent saturday on abbot kinney, having brunch and doing some shopping.

the photos: one of my goals in project life has been a few less pictures of stuff and more of people. so happy to see that goal come to life this week! one shot i had been meaning to get was with our midwife, davi. we snapped a shot after our check-in appointment this week. she was such an important person in our lives right then, it's crazy to think i could have easily never gotten a photo with her. it's not the most flattering, but i'm so grateful to have it.

if i had to define my pregnancy with just five words, no doubt "walking" would be one of them. to prepare for a natural birth i walked and walked and walked and walked. since i do them solo, i used the timercam app for this self portrait. i ducked into an alley and set my camera on a windowsill.

ben is my friend and former coworker. we met him for lunch and i'm so happy he's one of the first people other than scott and i to make an appearance in the album! he also took the four photos you see on the right page and in my recent blog post. so thankful to have some of me, scott and the baby bump, all together.

the stuff: scott developed an iphone app, dial a guitar lick, that you can now buy in the app store. i'm so proud of him because it's all self-taught and in this one, he played all the music you hear. i included a screenshot of the app store purchase screen and the app itself.

the journaling: kept it light this week. the story of scott's app and a little recap of our saturday. for the record, i've found that my appetite while breastfeeding far surpasses anything i ever felt while pregnant, so that bear claw and the (not-pictured) breakfast cookies at intelligentsia are now screaming my name.

/// project life is a simplified method of scrapbooking created by becky higgins. in 2013, i'm planning to create a spread for every week of the year. click here to see all my project life posts. ///


  1. I couldn't love this more.
    It's so perfect.

    1. aww, thank you! it was a happy week to document.

  2. Love this. Can't wait to see the upcoming spreads with bebe