the year of "stretch" // march 2013

back in january i picked my "one little word" for 2013. last year it was core and this year i picked stretch. just like last year, i purposely left it open ended as to how this word will take shape in my life over the coming year, but i have decided to think about how i can relate the word to my life at the start of each month. because of mila's early arrival, i never shared march's plans, so here they are now.

in march, i stretched by:

birthing my daughter.
pretty literal here, but there was a whole lot of physical stretching as she was born. our plan was to have her naturally, without pain medication, in our home and as you know, that came to fruition. (yay!) however, i had been using stretch to remind myself that even if we had to end up in a hospital with her being cut out of me, it would still be a physical journey.

starting months before mila's birthday, my body started practice contractions. while not associated with labor, they really revved up in intensity throughout february and into march. when i had one, i tried not to tense up or hold my breath and instead relaxed while saying the mantra of "thank you body. thank you baby. stretch. spread." i said that again and again and again and again and again and again and with the labor i had, i truly believe my body listened.

turning our family from two to three.
the arrival of our baby girl equals mental and emotional stretching. who we were will no longer be. ever. that's beautiful, but it's also a tiny bit terrifying.

i read the highly recommended "and baby makes three," but it didn't resonate with me at all. i just kept thinking, "people actually speak to each other this way?!" if scott and i had communication skills as poor as the examples they gave in the book, eeeeesh. who knows. we definitely wouldn't be in love and making a baby, i can say that!

i'm still on the look out for any inspiring, encouraging or insightful reading on the subject of marital life with the addition of a new baby, but i think most of this will be about learning as we go. in march, when i was biting my tongue or holding back tears of frustration, remembering "stretch" gave me quite a bit of encouragement. to get from a family of two to a family of three is going to have moments of difficulty. totally. so scott and i can either resist this or we can take a deep breath and dive into it. the latter is obviously my plan.

daily stretching:
an hour-long pregnancy yoga class at yoga west or devoting five minutes to a few poses before i collapsed into bed. all that mattered is that i stretched, every single day.

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  1. I would also be interested in books like that. Keep me in the loop if you happen to find any and I will do the same.