my #dayinthelife

yesterday i participated in ali edward's day in the life project, wherein i documented one day of my life through pictures.

all my photos were taken with my iphone and processed through instagram. though not my usual style, i went with black and white to keep things cohesive. my plan is to make this into a project life insert that will be filed into week 18.

here's a look at my life on wednesday, may 1:

6:22 am | prepping and packing up bottle parts. new step of my morning routine as i now pump breastmilk during my work day.

6:44 am | back to my favorite mug and green tea, since i have given up espresso in hopes for a better evening sleeping baby. jury is still out on that one... 
7:19 am | rethinking today's outfit (can see the post-baby bulge in it), but have no time to change.

7:45 am | morning commute.
7:55 am | first to the office today.

8:50 am | window shopping along rodeo drive as i head to a meeting.
8:53 am | rodeo drive committee meeting at the beverly wilshire hotel. i always stop in the lobby for a picture for the @lovebevhills feed. 

10:56 am | my desktop at the moment, aka the realities of a  working mom. thankful my company lets me pump in my cube but severely missing private offices of past jobs.
12:29 pm | midday walk for fresh air and a few whole foods essentials for dinners this week. i still eat at my desk, but pregnancy got me in the good habit of taking daily walks.

12:47 pm | grabbing snow peas and green onions.
1:28 pm | making a massive to-do list.

2:16 pm | sneaking a self portrait in the bathroom and quickly realizing they aren't fun without a baby bump to document.
4:47 pm | leaving l'ermitage beverly hills where i had another off-site meeting.

5:47 pm | waiting for the crosswalk and thinking how hard it's going to be to maintain my overachiever workload now that i'm leaving "on time."
6:05 pm | home and thankful more than ever for a short commute.

6:59 pm | admiring the huge, homegrown artichokes that julia sent scott home with from band practice last night.
7:10 pm | bouncing my antsy girl (who loves to hold onto my hair) as we get her bath ready.

7:28 pm | being downright amazed at the little person mila's becoming.
9:25 pm | couch time and netflix streaming with my love, now that we apparently have a baby that will in fact sleep before midnight. (knock on wood)

there were a ton of details i didn't get down of course. early morning feedings in the dark with mila and late nights collapsing into bed don't make for great photos. and then there are many details of my nearly ten hour work day that, in the interest of confidentiality, i don't share online. so this isn't everything, but it sure is a lot of it.

life with a baby seems to move at lightening speed, so as challenging as this was to do on a workday just three days back from leave, it was so very worth it.

to see larger images, comments and their geotags, visit my instagram feed - @JessOhBee. if you played along with #dayinthelife as well, please link me to your instagram feed or blog!


  1. these are great. i love how you did them all in black and white. i may try that next time!

    1. thanks! b&w was fun, and i like how it designates them as their own 'thing' in my instagram feed, but i had to ditch a lot of shots that were great in color because they didn't translate in b&w, so i'm not sure how i feel about that.

  2. Loved following your day!